Canada Post Corporation

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Various Positions

In my eight years at Canada Post Corporation in the Quebec Division and at Head Office in Ottawa I occupied various positions in Research and Analysis, HR, Measurement & Evaluation and Communications.

Public Service Commission, Personnel Psychology Center

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Strategic Advisor, Measurements and Evaluation

During this two-year period, I led the departmental and agency implementation of the Holistic Competency Profile, a systematic competency-based approach that serves a variety of human resources applications in the Canadian public service. In 2002, I made a presentation on this HR Competency Model at an international conference in Paris.

Treasury Board Secretariat / HR Community Secretariat

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Analyst, Research and Analysis

In this position, my role was to lead projects that provided TBS senior management with intelligence and recommendations on the future of the government’s HR community, especially in the context of the HR modernization management agenda. Specifically, I directed work of external consultants in conducting socio-economic and demographic research and analyses on the government’s Human Resources community. As well, I developed and proposed change management strategies to a government-wide HR Council composed of ADMs and HR Directors General; researched and disseminated best practices to the HR community through the ‘Observatoire des RH’; and designed and implemented the ‘HR Info Series’.

Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada (HR Community Secretariat)

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Senior Consultant

Following the government’s announcement of the creation of PSHRMAC, my role was to assess the organization’s capacity/capability to design and successfully deliver new products based on the HR community needs. This task involved designing various scenarios for repositioning the HR Community Secretariat within the new Agency, and ensuring alignment with PSHRMAC’s new mandate. I represented the Secretariat on various strategic transition and consultation committees, reported to senior management, developed business frameworks and conducted risk assessment analysis.

Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada (PSHRMAC)

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Team Leader, Senior Strategic Change and Organizational Development

In this position, I led a team of specialists in the development of processes and approaches in the areas of strategic change and organizational development. I helped effect an organizational culture change that promoted two-way communication and employee engagement. I provided advice to senior management and focused on the alignment of the work environment with PSHRMAC’s vision and strategic business priorities.

During this time, I worked on developing processes and tools for implementing the Public Service Modernization Act (PSMA) and the change management strategy and implementation for Corporate Administrative Shared Services (CASS). To this end, I worked closely with ADM sub-committees, the Canada School of Public Service and other key partners in central agencies and departments.

Treasury Board Secretariat – Transformation Alignment Office (TAO)

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Senior Consultant

In joining TAO, I led the creation of a Service Transformation Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, developed service transformation diagnostic processes, alignment strategies and a service transformation directional roadmap. I also was the point of contact for three central agencies on HR challenges such as capacity building, change leadership and union engagement. My role also was to manage the implementation of an organizational improvement plan to identify, analyze, plan, track and control organizational improvements on a continuous basis.

Treasury Board Secretariat – Office of the Comptroller General

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Director (interim), Change Management and Learning

When the government introduced Departmental and Agency Audit Committees (DAAC) in 2007, I was asked to lead the development of strategic change processes and tools to ensure smooth implementation of this large-scale government wide initiative. In particular, I introduced and maintained an informal consultative approach including the Deputies’ Community, implemented constant two-way communications among stakeholders, conducted ongoing risk analysis and recommended sustainable and potential solutions to the senior team leading this initiative. I was in charge of organizing more than 25 engagement events that mobilized the community of Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers and DAAC members. Frequently, I moderated discussions among stakeholders that led to a strong DAAC community of practice.

During this assignment, more than one hundred non-government individuals were appointed to DAAC committees in about 40 departments. Senior management teams in departments consider the project a great success, appreciating the role that DAAC committee members fulfil in advising Deputy Heads on various issues including potential risks.

Government Consulting Services (GCS), Governance / International Services

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Principal Consultant

My area of expertise at GCS involved advising Senior Management on a range of issues affecting the organization’s ability to achieve business objectives, identifying opportunities for organizational improvement, and managing projects to support various departments and agencies in the field of transformation management and governance, strategic planning, communications, human resources management.

I provided advice on departments’ strategic alignment with government priorities, developed recommendations on large-scale change management strategies and communication plans, conducted survey designs and analyses as well as assessments in the fields of organizational culture, risk management, research and learning needs. Some of my achievements were:

  • Treasury Board Secretariat: Development and delivery of a Communication, Outreach and Engagement Strategy associated with the implementation of a Human Resources Management Framework for the federal government’s Internal Audit community. This assignment involved dealing extensively with senior management including Deputy Heads.
  • Public Safety Canada: Development of a process map that supported the sharing of strategic, tactical and actionable intelligence between three departments. This assignment included an extensive survey as the basis for sound recommendations to senior management.
  • Treasury Board Secretariat: Conduct of a research on best practices and benchmarking in the field of Procurement to develop comparative tables on Procurement Policy and Policy on Management of Real Property to Transition to Capacity-Based Transaction Approval limits of policies.

Transformation of Pay Administration (TPA) Initiative

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Senior Manager, Business Planning, Change Management and Communications

I coordinated all activities for presenting a Treasury Board (TB) Submission for the Transformation of Pay Administration (TPA) Initiative. With the support of a team of internal and external consultants, a series of TBS documents were developed: the business case, the project charter, the project management plan and the project brief. The project received full TB approval without conditions in November 2012. As part of the TB Submission, a series of key documents was also required; one of them was the change management and communication strategy that I also developed. I was also mandated to develop and implement an organizational improvement plan, business plan, policies and standards, make appropriate recommendation, provide advice for improvements and assist in developing solutions, scenarios and implementing recommendations by advising based on risk analysis and potential solutions to mitigate risk.

With the TB Submission approved, I was then mandated to put in place a change management work team to advance the change management strategy. The last contribution to this project was to review the TPA governance structure, revamp the committee’s terms of reference and make the necessary adjustments so that the project would be supported by a solid and fluid governance structure.

Large Scale Transformation Project

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Senior Manager, Change Management and Communications (Former Public Servant)

My initial mandate in this large scale transformation project was to conduct an extensive consultation to obtain insights from various stakeholders on organizational barriers as well as potential enablers in a Directorate that had been under constant change over the past year. In that context, I had to collect and analyze information and present findings on complex issues and carried out or coordinated research as required and prepared reports. Assessment on change readiness and recommendations were encapsulated into a tactical work plan that was implemented a few months later. Emphasis was first put on developing the capacity to lead large-scale transformation projects from a change management approach and developing and implementing change management strategies and plans. This tactical plan included a stream to address persistent cultural barriers that presented change risks.

Role: I established a “start-up” team in the field of change management and communications and articulated concepts of change management. I was also mandated to manage the governance committees. This mandate resulted in a review of the governance structure.