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Director (interim), Change Management and Learning

When the government introduced Departmental and Agency Audit Committees (DAAC) in 2007, I was asked to lead the development of strategic change processes and tools to ensure smooth implementation of this large-scale government wide initiative. In particular, I introduced and maintained an informal consultative approach including the Deputies’ Community, implemented constant two-way communications among stakeholders, conducted ongoing risk analysis and recommended sustainable and potential solutions to the senior team leading this initiative. I was in charge of organizing more than 25 engagement events that mobilized the community of Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers and DAAC members. Frequently, I moderated discussions among stakeholders that led to a strong DAAC community of practice.

During this assignment, more than one hundred non-government individuals were appointed to DAAC committees in about 40 departments. Senior management teams in departments consider the project a great success, appreciating the role that DAAC committee members fulfil in advising Deputy Heads on various issues including potential risks.

  • July 2007 to September 2009
  • Pathways
  • Treasury Board Secretariat - Office of the Comptroller General


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