Transformation of Pay Administration (TPA) Initiative

MomentumJHTransformation of Pay Administration (TPA) Initiative


Senior Manager, Business Planning, Change Management and Communications

I coordinated all activities for presenting a Treasury Board (TB) Submission for the Transformation of Pay Administration (TPA) Initiative. With the support of a team of internal and external consultants, a series of TBS documents were developed: the business case, the project charter, the project management plan and the project brief. The project received full TB approval without conditions in November 2012. As part of the TB Submission, a series of key documents was also required; one of them was the change management and communication strategy that I also developed. I was also mandated to develop and implement an organizational improvement plan, business plan, policies and standards, make appropriate recommendation, provide advice for improvements and assist in developing solutions, scenarios and implementing recommendations by advising based on risk analysis and potential solutions to mitigate risk.

With the TB Submission approved, I was then mandated to put in place a change management work team to advance the change management strategy. The last contribution to this project was to review the TPA governance structure, revamp the committee’s terms of reference and make the necessary adjustments so that the project would be supported by a solid and fluid governance structure.

  • August 2011 to May 2014
  • Pathways
  • Public Works & Government Services Canada, Accounting, Banking and Compensation (ABC) Branch


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