Large Scale Transformation Project

MomentumJHLarge Scale Transformation Project


Senior Manager, Change Management and Communications (Former Public Servant)

My initial mandate in this large scale transformation project was to conduct an extensive consultation to obtain insights from various stakeholders on organizational barriers as well as potential enablers in a Directorate that had been under constant change over the past year. In that context, I had to collect and analyze information and present findings on complex issues and carried out or coordinated research as required and prepared reports. Assessment on change readiness and recommendations were encapsulated into a tactical work plan that was implemented a few months later. Emphasis was first put on developing the capacity to lead large-scale transformation projects from a change management approach and developing and implementing change management strategies and plans. This tactical plan included a stream to address persistent cultural barriers that presented change risks.

Role: I established a “start-up” team in the field of change management and communications and articulated concepts of change management. I was also mandated to manage the governance committees. This mandate resulted in a review of the governance structure.

  • June 2014 to January 2016
  • Pathways
  • Service Canada - Canada Pension Plan (CPP) & Old Age Security (OAS) Transformation Directorate


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