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Principal Consultant

My area of expertise at GCS involved advising Senior Management on a range of issues affecting the organization’s ability to achieve business objectives, identifying opportunities for organizational improvement, and managing projects to support various departments and agencies in the field of transformation management and governance, strategic planning, communications, human resources management.

I provided advice on departments’ strategic alignment with government priorities, developed recommendations on large-scale change management strategies and communication plans, conducted survey designs and analyses as well as assessments in the fields of organizational culture, risk management, research and learning needs. Some of my achievements were:

  • Treasury Board Secretariat: Development and delivery of a Communication, Outreach and Engagement Strategy associated with the implementation of a Human Resources Management Framework for the federal government’s Internal Audit community. This assignment involved dealing extensively with senior management including Deputy Heads.
  • Public Safety Canada: Development of a process map that supported the sharing of strategic, tactical and actionable intelligence between three departments. This assignment included an extensive survey as the basis for sound recommendations to senior management.
  • Treasury Board Secretariat: Conduct of a research on best practices and benchmarking in the field of Procurement to develop comparative tables on Procurement Policy and Policy on Management of Real Property¬†to Transition to Capacity-Based Transaction Approval limits of policies.
  • February 2009 to July 2011
  • Pathways
  • Public Works and Government Services Canada - Government Consulting Services (GCS)


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